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Sosyopix Fortune Wheel

Sosyopix Fortune Wheel

Sosyopix’s Fortune Wheel Spins For You
Campaign Conditions
  • - Sosyopix Fortune Wheels you can spin it by clicking on the link.
  • - The Sosyopix Gift Wheel is valid only on our website and mobile website. It is not included in the Sosyopix mobile applications.
  • - You can earn a discount or a gift by turning the Sosyopix Fortune Wheel.
  • - You can spin the wheel once a week.
  • - You must register the gift code that came out of the wheel.
  • - The coupon codes you have earned are valid until October 31, 2022.
  • - This campaign cannot be combined with any other campaign.
  • - The right to make changes and terminate the campaign it is also reserved.
  • - Everyone who participates in the campaign is considered to have accepted these terms.
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