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What is Sosyopix?

What is?

Sosyopix turns your Instagram, Facebook, phone gallery and PC pics into a product uniquely themed especially for you, and provides a service that delivers it to your doorstep.
We created Sosyopix so you can keep your memories always by your side. We’ve worked really hard to craft the best product ideas for you which is why we’ve taken even the smallest of details into consideration and care.

How dose it work
How It Works?

In just 3 steps, it’s super easy to place an order on Sosyopix.

  1. Login with your e-mail address, Instagram or Facebook,
  2. Craft your product with your social media or gallery images,
  3. Enter your delivery address and proceed to payment.
Finally, we’ll ship your product to your address in just 2 – 3 days.

Easy to Use

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The Best Gift

Gifts are not just for special occasions, make it an anyday thing. The happiness it brings is inarguably the best feeling. Imagine crafting a gift that holds the unique memories of that special person. That my friend is guaranteed 100% happiness. Sosyopix is going to be the core of happiness for you and your loved ones, you’ll see. 😊

Quality Handmade

Our products are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen during the production process. They are packed individually and inspected to the finest detail before shipping. 🎁

Easy Use
Easy to Use

We conducted different tests to make our user interface easy for internet users of all ages. We explored solutions to make everything much more comfortable. 🧐

First Class Printing
1st Class Quality

We prepare all our products in high resolution and large format machines using original inks and special printing papers. In addition, we apply a protective layer to ensure a soft, natural look in all prints and to protect its durability for many years to come. 🥇

%100 Happiness

The products you craft for you and your loved ones on Sosyopix comes with 100% happiness guarantee. We're here to make your memories something you can touch. 😍

Recycled Materials

We send our products in boxes made with 100% recycled materials. Plus, to show extra care to you and the environment, we use water-based paints during printing. ♻️

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