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Services supplied by Sosyopix.com website (will be mentioned as ‘Services’ from now on) and products sold by Sosyopix.com website like personalized poster, canvas, cards and others (will be mentioned as ‘Product’ from now on) are subjected to this TERMS AND CONDITIONS contract between Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi (will be mentioned as ‘Abet İnternet Teknolojileri’ from now on) and users of these services and/or products (will be mentioned as ‘User’ from now on).

User hereby accept and declare that he/she expressly agree, acknowledge and undertake that by visiting or using our Website, he/she would be deemed to have read these terms and conditions of which is about principles, Privacy Policy and service conditions of the relationship between User and Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri, comprehended the contents of the same and have been bound by these terms and conditions and he/she shall act in compliance with all the related applicable laws and regulations.

By accessing our Website, the User is deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Sosyopix.com website if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri may wholly or partially change the services offered via the website and terms of this Agreement at any time without given any notification to the User. As soon as these conditions are announced on the Website, they shall promptly become effective. The User is responsible for following up the changes. The User is deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to access to Website which deemed as a contract between the User and Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri. The User may continue to benefit from the services offered as long as he/she acts according to these terms and conditions.


To be able to use personal printing service provided by Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri, the User has sign in with his/her account info.
After signing in with his/her Facebook or Instagram account, the User may place his/her photos to the product he/she choose.
After placing photos, the User can make an order on Website by entering necessary order and payment information.
Order and payment information entered by the User and photos the will used in printing are filed and sent to the Sosyopix.com infrastructure.
After receiving all of the order information and photos, Sosyopix.com website will automatically check the information and photos as if there’s any problem. After this control, the payment is charged on the User’s credit card.
After receiving your payment, Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri send you an e-mail indicating that your order has been received.
After sending e-mail, your order come to the production process. Unless the User has received an e-mail indicating that his/her order has been received, the order is deemed to not receive.
All of the information about completed order are saved by Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri for 90 days and then deleted at the end of this 90 days period. Information entered to the system by the User cannot be shared with the third parties without an open consent of the User.


We are aiming to deliver the ordered products to the User in 7 to 10 workdays. Any delay of the delivery doesn’t give the right to cancel the order or the right to make request or the right to claim compensation to the User.
For purpose of not giving any damage to the ordered products while delivery, the products deliver to the shipping company as packaged. Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri cannot be held responsible for any damage may be given to the products by shipping company or their agents which delivered to them as packaged.
Ordered products are delivered to the User by contracted shipping company.


Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri cannot be held responsible for any copyrights violation about ordered products. The User accepts and declares that only and completely he/she is responsible for legal consequences arising from any violations of legal regulations about copyrights.
The User accepts and undertakes that he/she has the copyright of ordered products and/or he/she took written consent of copyright owner and/or there will be no copyright violation because of the ordered products.
Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri, doesn’t have any responsibilities for correctness or content of files ordered by the User.
The User accepts, declares and undertakes that while ordering and distributing the products he/she complies Turkish law and/or copyright law of the other countries where the products will distribute.
All the designs that produced by Sosyopix are Sosyopix’s intellectual and industrial properties. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not use these designs for commercial purposes without prior permission.


The User notifies all of his/her complaints relating to products to the phone number in Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri’s website in 14 days starting from delivery of products to the User.
If the User’s complaint seen as right after the evaluation upon notification Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri either gives a remake of ordered product or refunds the price after deduction of printing costs. The right to choose is belong to Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri. Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri is not responsible for any user error or any wear and tear arising from keeping in inappropriate conditions except printing errors.


Sosyopix.com website cannot be used with any content prohibited. Any content that features the list below is seen as prohibited content prohibited content.
Any content which is misleading, pornographic, obscene, aggressive, humiliating, profanity and so.
Any content that violate copyrights and/or any content without written consent and knowledge of copyright owner.
Any content that violate personality rights.
Computer codes that contain malicious code like virus, corrupt file, etc. and/or that make harder or prevent the use of the service.
Any content that is illegal or promotes illegal activities.
The User is solely responsible for all copyrights related to the product he/she ordered.
Sosyopix.com website is open to the use of people who connect with correct Facebook and Instagram information and enter address information completely. The use of the service by the User depends to the accurate, complete and up-to-date notification of all requested information to Sosyopix.com website.
Minors can use the Sosyopix.com website only with the permission of an adult User who has a credit card.
Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri reserves the right to deny people who attempted or may attempt to violate the terms of this agreement from accessing the Sosyopix.com website and the software.
Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri does not provide a guarantee or assurance for the authenticity, actuality, performance, integrity or suitability of the materials found on Sosyopix.com website or submitted to this website for any purpose. The User agrees that such information and materials may contain uncertainties and errors. Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri is not responsible for any of these uncertainties and errors. Sosyopix İnternet Hizmetleri cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from the use or failure of the service and the use of the Facebook or Instagram account by others.
The User has to bear all risk related to the use of information or material contained in Sosyopix.com website and/or products and/or services. Sosyopix Internet Hizmetleri cannot be held responsible and is not under any obligation in this regard.
If there is any difference between this Terms and Conditions and Turkish version of Terms and Conditions, Turkish version of Terms and Conditions shall be deemed as valid.
İstanbul Anadolu Courts and İstanbul Anadolu Enforcement Offices have jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the use of the service.

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